County Council Election Results 2013 1997, 2001, 2005, 2009, 2017, 2021, Election Home
Seats Declared: 57/57 T'out 30.7%
         Gains after 57/57 results:
Labour Party Conservative Party Liberal Democrat Party Other Party
Lab 12 Con 30 LD 3 Oth 12
23.9 % 33.3 % 7.7 % 35.1 %
June GRIFFITHSConservative70930.13
Julie Teresa FLYNNUK Independence Party (UKIP)63226.86
Terry CONEYIndependent59625.33
Ros COOKELabour28011.90
Peter James HARVEYGreen Party1245.27
Jade MURPHYBritish National Party120.51
Martin JENKINSUK Independence Party (UKIP)179218.87
Joseph BAKERLabour154316.24
Patricia STICKLEYUK Independence Party (UKIP)151115.91
Philip Arthur MOULDLabour142615.01
Juliet Ann BRUNNERConservative117612.38
Gay HOPKINSConservative98910.41
Paul James SWANSBOROUGHIndependent2132.24
David Howard GEELiberal Democrat1982.08
Emma Louise BRADLEYGreen Party1881.98
Simon Brookes OLIVERLiberal Democrat1711.80
Ashley BRADLEYBritish National Party1641.73
Lee John BRADLEYGreen Party1281.35
Andrew FRYLabour175223.49
Pattie HILLLabour160421.51
Scott Duncan PRESTONUK Independence Party (UKIP)139518.71
Tom BAKER-PRICEConservative98513.21
Kathy HASLAMConservative87711.76
Kevin WHITEGreen Party2633.53
Tony PITTLiberal Democrat2152.88
Ian David WEBSTERLiberal Democrat1972.64
Rylma Elaine WHITEGreen Party1692.27
Peter Michael MCDONALDLabour137447.58
Richard John DEEMINGConservative103535.84
Jill HARVEYGreen Party30610.60
Elizabeth Jane WAINWRIGHTBritish National Party1735.99
Derek William PRODGERConservative84739.00
Percival Davison OWENUK Independence Party (UKIP)54625.14
Christopher Edward COOPERLabour49722.88
Annie O'DELLGreen Party1145.25
Mike MULLINSLiberal Democrat1135.20
Peter MCNALLYTrade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts391.80
Jennifer May WHITWAMBritish National Party160.74
John-Paul CAMPIONConservative85332.32
Neil Darran JUKESUK Independence Party (UKIP)65124.67
Derek John KILLINGWORTHIndependent Community & Health Concern52019.70
George Christopher COURTLabour50719.21
Phil OLIVERGreen Party1084.09
Tony MILLERConservative131546.25
Yuleen JEWELLUK Independence Party (UKIP)95033.42
Sheila SEABOURNELabour34712.21
John David LITTLECHILDLiberal Democrat2318.13
Adrian Ingleby HARDMANConservative171657.66
Harvey Bernard VIVIANUK Independence Party (UKIP)62220.90
Charles Gordon John TUCKERLiberal Democrat34611.63
John Anthony EGANLabour2929.81
Liz EYREConservative149973.23
Diana Clare BROWNLiberal Democrat28313.83
Gaynor Anne PRITCHARDLabour26512.95
Anthony Nigel BLAGGConservative83535.00
Margaret Teresa BUXTONLabour66828.00
George Stephen FLYNNUK Independence Party (UKIP)62426.15
Joe HEARNLiberal Democrat1415.91
Robert Thompson HANNAGreen Party893.73
Kaine LLEWELLYNBritish National Party291.22
Kit TAYLORConservative95239.10
Owen William DAVIESUK Independence Party (UKIP)63826.20
Rory James SHANNONLabour & Co-Operative Party42617.49
Janet Elizabeth KINGLiberal Democrat40016.43
Donald BATESBritish National Party190.78
Christopher James BLOORELabour & Co-Operative Party108848.51
Rodney James LAIGHTConservative73332.68
Paul ROBERTSGreen Party1667.40
David William DOLPHINBritish National Party1637.27
Thomas Anthony COELiberal Democrat934.15
Luke MALLETTLabour & Co-Operative Party120052.26
Diane Helen CAMPBELLConservative49521.56
David Lawrence PARDOEIndependent Community & Health Concern39917.38
Donna SMITHBritish National Party1456.32
Mike MIHAILOVICLiberal Democrat572.48
Stephen CLEEConservative65529.02
Helen Elizabeth DYKEIndependent58025.70
Bill HOPKINSUK Independence Party (UKIP)49321.84
Harry Kenelm Dakeyn GROVEIndependent Community & Health Concern31614.00
Gareth David WEBSTERLabour2139.44
Sue ASKINLiberal Democrat97233.63
Mike WHITEHOUSEConservative85829.69
Stephen DELEVANTEUK Independence Party (UKIP)52418.13
Matthew Karl WILLISLabour33811.70
Peter ROBINSONGreen Party1986.85
Rachel JENKINSIndependent138846.83
Ed MOOREConservative87329.45
Stan FRANCISUK Independence Party (UKIP)50016.87
Thomas John STANLEYLabour1926.48
Robert DOLPHINBritish National Party110.37
Gordon Clifford YARRANTONConservative90833.89
Chris David NICHOLLSLabour71426.65
Peter William WILLOUGHBYUK Independence Party (UKIP)54320.27
Linda Anne CANDLINIndependent Community & Health Concern40715.19
Kate SPOHRERGreen Party732.72
Rachel Louise AKATHIOTISLiberal Party - Keep Local Liberal Team341.27
Roger James SUTTONIndependent72433.26
Bronwen Jane BEHANConservative65330.00
Jeanette Margaret SHEENUK Independence Party (UKIP)58326.78
Leslie Victor ROBERTSLabour2179.97
Pam DaveyConservative98034.75
Nicole CARROLLIndependent Ratepayers & Residents Association 78427.80
Edgar HARWOODLabour54419.29
Margaret ROWLEYLiberal Democrat36913.09
Rob BURKETTGreen Party1435.07
Lynne Rachel DUFFYConservative79836.81
Neil Patrick WHELANUK Independence Party (UKIP)69932.24
Jenny BARNESLabour & Co-Operative Party54325.05
David ROWELiberal Democrat1285.90
John SMITHConservative84241.81
Ellis Jordan TUSTINUK Independence Party (UKIP)77338.38
Steven John MORALEELabour20510.18
Timothy Clive HAINESLiberal Democrat1949.63
Bob BANKSConservative94552.82
Alan Titus MASONLabour34319.17
Julie Anne HAINESLiberal Democrat28115.71
Liam Murphy HARTLANDBritish National Party22012.30
Alan Thomas AMOSLabour103752.19
James Alexander GOADUK Independence Party (UKIP)61931.15
Simon HARRISONConservative23211.68
Justin KIRBYGreen Party994.98
Phil GROVEConservative103337.95
Mike O'LEARYUK Independence Party (UKIP)81329.87
Dean CLARKEIndependent66024.25
Simon Jeremy CRONINLabour & Co-Operative Party2167.94
Clive HOLTConservative177673.63
Michael Brian WORRALLLabour63626.37
Alastair ADAMSConservative124248.92
Keith Nicholas WRIGHTLiberal Democrat102240.25
Christine Margaret MCDONALDLabour27510.83
Lucy Caroline HODGSONConservative81929.71
Martin LAWRENCELiberal Democrat79228.73
Mike SOLEYUK Independence Party (UKIP)62422.63
Jill SMITHLabour29210.59
Jan DYERGreen Party2308.34
Ian HOPWOODConservative49924.72
Richard SPENCERUK Independence Party (UKIP)49624.57
Cathy JACKSON-READLiberal Democrat47223.38
Daniel WALTONLabour27613.67
William Stewart JENKINSGreen Party1788.82
Caroline Anne Louise BOVEYIndependent984.85
Paul Andrew TUTHILLConservative86334.44
Mike SAVAGEUK Independence Party (UKIP)69027.53
Clive SMITHGreen Party44217.64
John GALLAGHERLabour34813.89
Brian REGIMBEAULiberal Democrat1636.50
John Watson RAINEGreen Party53524.87
Richard John CHAMINGSUK Independence Party (UKIP)53024.64
David Edgar Lawrence WATKINSConservative47522.08
Beverley NIELSENLiberal Democrat42019.53
John Michael RYELabour1918.88
Pat AGARLabour & Co-Operative Party105951.13
Keith BURTONConservative63430.61
Carl Martin MASONBritish National Party2019.71
Barbara MITRAGreen Party1778.55
Maurice Hector BROOMFIELDConservative129247.98
Doug INGRAMUK Independence Party (UKIP)89433.20
Maurice HARFORDLabour2318.58
Peter Reginald EVANSLiberal Democrat1395.16
Stephen BROWNGreen Party1375.09
Liz TUCKERLiberal Democrat167753.53
George MACKISONConservative68621.90
Mark Anthony STARRUK Independence Party (UKIP)53617.11
Ian FACERLabour2347.47
Tom WELLSLiberal Democrat194667.10
Robert Spencer KERBYConservative43815.10
David John BARRIEUK Independence Party (UKIP)36412.55
Christopher Roland BURROWSLabour943.24
Peter NIELSENGreen Party582.00
Paul DENHAMLabour & Co-Operative Party97345.42
Allah DITTAConservative59527.78
Carl HUMPHRIESUK Independence Party (UKIP)41419.33
Nicholas WEEKSGreen Party1376.40
Ruthie MCNALLYTrade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts231.07
Graham John VICKERYLabour159818.78
Robin Christopher LUNNLabour159518.74
Brandon Frank CLAYTONConservative121914.32
Chris HARRISONUK Independence Party (UKIP)118313.90
Matthew HEADFORDUK Independence Party (UKIP)116413.68
David Frank Oliver THAINConservative110913.03
Louise Mary DEVENEYGreen Party2212.60
Diane Elizabeth THOMASLiberal Democrat1451.70
Bev MINTOGreen Party1431.68
John Gordon STANLEYLiberal Democrat1331.56
Philip GRETTONConservative166317.25
Stuart CROSSUK Independence Party (UKIP)165217.13
Jane Ann POTTERConservative159416.53
Paul WHITEUK Independence Party (UKIP)140214.54
Everton EBANKSLabour131213.61
John WITHERSPOONLabour120012.44
Rosemary KERRYGreen Party2662.76
Rita Margaret HINDLELiberal Democrat2182.26
Alistair Derek WAUGHGreen Party1841.91
Edward John KILLWORTHLiberal Democrat1521.58
Simon Eon GERAGHTYConservative99938.95
Lynn DENHAMLabour86833.84
Richard Guy DELINGPOLEUK Independence Party (UKIP)46818.25
Louis STEPHENGreen Party1756.82
Julie WHITWAMBritish National Party321.25
Sean Darren MCCAULEYTrade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts230.90
Anne Teresa HINGLEYConservative73532.08
Nigel KNOWLESLabour & Co-Operative Party62627.32
Caroline Marie SHELLIEIndependent Community & Health Concern43118.81
Mark Julian WRIGHTUK Independence Party (UKIP)41618.16
Nigel Anthony GILBERTTrade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts441.92
Paul Douglas PRESTONLiberal Democrat391.70
Frances Mary OBORSKILiberal Party - Keep Local Liberal Team76733.42
Philip DANIELSUK Independence Party (UKIP)45920.00
Christine Margaret WATKINSIndependent Community & Health Concern40217.52
Paul Bernard HARRISONConservative34114.86
Steve John WALKERLabour26011.33
Victoria Ann LEAGreen Party411.79
Andrew Robert NORTHBritish National Party251.09
Mary Alice RAYNERIndependent Community & Health Concern58928.84
Martin John STOOKEUK Independence Party (UKIP)54026.44
Howard James MARTINLabour48423.70
John Cedric ASTONConservative29314.35
Esther Christina SMARTLiberal Party - Keep Local Liberal Team713.48
Louise RYANGreen Party653.18
Richard Mark UDALLLabour & Co-Operative Party98259.73
Ben WALKERConservative35021.29
Olaf TWIEHAUSGreen Party1167.06
Alan James DRAPERBritish National Party865.23
Kenneth Henry James HOLTOM 623.77
Mark Patrick DAVIESTrade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts482.92
Marcus John HARTConservative69330.85
Michael James William WRENCHUK Independence Party (UKIP)49622.08
Mike KELLYLabour46520.70
Nigel John THOMASIndependent Community & Health Concern33414.87
David Eric HOLLYOAKLiberal Party - Keep Local Liberal Team2219.84
Mike WHITBREADGreen Party371.65
Tony BAKERUK Independence Party (UKIP)59527.43
Nathan John DESMONDConservative54525.13
Mumshad AHMEDLabour50723.37
Graham William BALLINGERIndependent Community & Health Concern33615.49
Susan Caroline MEEKINGSLiberal Party - Keep Local Liberal Team1406.45
Ronald LEEGreen Party462.12
Marc Leslie BAYLISSConservative139350.95
Adam Cedric Hudson SCOTTLabour81429.77
Siobhan WANKLYNGreen Party34112.47
Rory ROBERSONLiberal Democrat1866.80
Matthew JENKINSGreen Party117942.44
Mary DRINKWATERConservative91032.76
Geoffrey Peter WILLIAMSLabour68924.80
Eric Uther KITSONUK Independence Party (UKIP)138515.03
Jim PARISHIndependent Community & Health Concern133514.49
John William Roland THOMASIndependent Community & Health Concern116712.66
Claire Jaine WRIGHTUK Independence Party (UKIP)115112.49
James Alexander SHAWLabour114112.38
Ken HENDERSONConservative98410.68
John HOLDENConservative96410.46
Carol Gwyneth WARRENLabour8949.70
Angela HARTWICHGreen Party1952.12
Ken POLLOCKConservative137355.39
Malcolm Hugh DELINGPOLEUK Independence Party (UKIP)63325.53
Michael Edward Charles WILSONLabour25710.37
Robert John DOWLERGreen Party2168.71
Rob ADAMSConservative148257.02
Richard James KEELUK Independence Party (UKIP)64924.97
Monica Millicent FRYLabour1887.23
Greg THOMASLiberal Democrat1656.35
Stephen BROHANGreen Party1154.42
Andrew Charles ROBERTSConservative95842.05
Steve DAVISUK Independence Party (UKIP)63627.92
Steven John MARTINLabour47620.90
Edward HARTLEYGreen Party2089.13
Sheila BLAGGConservative120451.43
Bernard Martin MCELDOWNEYLabour80534.39
Julian Malcolm GRAYGreen Party33214.18
Stephen Richard PETERSWythall Residents' Association108351.06
Mark Antony BULLIVANTConservative68832.44
Alan Joseph CLEWLOWLabour22010.37
Peter TOMKINSONBritish National Party904.24
Sandra Daisy DOCKERLiberal Democrat401.89
Seats + - Net
Lab 12 9 0 9
Con 30 4 16 -12
Lib Dem 3 0 5 -5
Other 12 8 0 8
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