After three successful phases, the Superfast Worcestershire Project is now at an end and this website is in the process of being decommissioned.
Worcestershire County Council no longer own this website domain and the information on this site is no longer kept up to date.

Please notify superfast@worcestershire.gov.uk if you receive any information reporting to be from ‘Superfast Worcestershire’ or an @superfastworcestershire.com type e-mail address.
Do not enter any details into the ‘Registration of Interest’ section as this no longer reaches the project.

However, work continues at pace to deliver gigabit capable broadband services across Worcestershire.
Commercially deployed services are becoming more wide spread and availability can be searched for with your internet search engine.

Details of schemes to support communities that will not be served quickly by the private sector can be found on the following websites.

Digital Connectivity | Worcestershire County Council